3 Print Motifs From 2018 To Make Your Fitness Clothes Exciting


Are you bored of the same old fitness clothes? Well, then make 2018 better and different by including a variety of printed motifs. Much has been discussed the functional qualities of the functional qualities. We know what it should have and what it shouldn’t. And it is about time to shine the spotlight on the style aspect as well. Here is a list the focuses on the patterns that can bring about a fresh change to your fitness apparels, concentrating much on the fashion aspect of the same.

Soft Floral Prints

Unlike most of the other floral prints, a soft one is more romantic, floaty and airy in its appeal. An unusual combination, the soft floral motif amalgamated with sports bras and leggings has put emphasis on the need to do something different. Bright colors that complement the tone of both spring and summer, this particular motif is said to bring about a much-needed change in the mundane fitness-fashion trends.

Checks And Plaids

Checks and plaids have been so popular over the last few years that their entry into the fitness-fashion industry was seemingly predictable. From embellishing the joggers to the hoodies, the extravagance of checks and plaids seems to have taken over the activewear clothes. The color variations along with the different size of checks are what make this motif incredible, especially for the wholesale fitness clothing.

Vertical Candy Stripes

Candy stripes (vertical stripes in pastel colors) suddenly became a rage all over the fashion industry. The print was completely unexpected to make a mark so strong on the fitness-fashion industry, but it has been doing fairly well. The pastel shades are very distinctive from the usual hue of pink. Leggings and tank tops are mostly seen adopting this particular motif. You can find wholesale gym clothing featuring the same motif showcased in the inventory of leading manufacturers.

To conclude, it is time to give the twist to your fitness clothes that it deserves. Popular fitness clothing manufacturers have these classy and chic pieces displayed in their inventory that can be easily accessed by the retailers upon online registration today.



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